Insisting on Design Innovation


Founded by Mr. Kim in 2018, iMokin is a consumer electronic brand under Shenzhen Mokin Technology Co., Limited which integrates research and development, design, production and sales. iMokin is simplified from the brand slogan “Mobile of Kim”, which represents that the brand insists on thinking from the perspective of users, and the products are designed with high aesthetic and practical value.

8 years of growth has enabled iMokin to become a leading enterprise in China's consumer electronics industry, and has always adhered to the design philosophy of design innovation and practical aesthetic, focusing on the new technology and environmentally friendly materials, while integrating fashion elements into product 

Technical and Quality Strength


In addition to innovation ability, iMokin also focuses on technical and quality strength, seeking excellent technical partners in various fields and jointly developing more competitive products.

In 2019, iMokin Laboratory was established with 35 professional quality engineers providing technical support. For each and every product of iMokin, it will go through the quality inspection of iMokin Laboratory before being delivered to the market, so as to ensure that the product can maintain excellent performance in various use environments.

At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth sale of products to all parts of the world, we conducted the localization certification for different products in various countries with a view to ensure that the quality of products can pass the tests in all countries in the world.

Enrich People's Life with Consumer Electronics


At the beginning when iMokin was founded, most products were mobile phone accessories. However, with the gradual expansion of the market and the iterative updating of products, the original simple products are difficult to meet the needs of the vast number of users, and timely transformation is imminent. In 2019, iMokin entered into the Era 3.0 and began to lay out new product lines, so as to open a diversified development model.

At present, iMokin has established 11 complete product lines. With one iMokin as the center, it is also developing and producing multiple categories of products such as iMokin Gamo, iMokin Audio, so as to continuously meet customers’ demand for intelligent products.

Brand Flagship Stores


Brand Flagship Stores

While continuously expanding online sales channels, offline flagship stores are also in the process of preparation. In 2011, the first iMokin Flagship store opened in Guangzhou.

From the front store logo to the interior layout, the overall style is simple and stylish. The high quality products, excellent product design and good experience makes iMokin popular among users.

In the past year, the flagship store has spread all over Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The booming momentum has enabled the company to quickly spread its products to domestic and foreign markets. iMokin has become the favourites of many users and is well welcome by major stores at home and abroad.



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